At Virago Trades, we started with the idea of a healthy snack that could bring energy without anything artificially added.
We travel the world to learn about healthy eating through the places and cultures we visit, letting what we discover inspire our creations.
We are a mission-driven woman-owned company creating healthy food for getting you wherever your goals take you.
Working with Virago Trades food industry consulting gives you access to the expertise our team brings to the table.
Developing Healthy Snacks
for Generation Go
Face it, you probably spend more time in your car than sitting around a dinner table, right?
Perhaps you’re running your own company. Maybe your schedule is packed with activities running your children from play dates to practice. We get you.
We’re Virago Trades, a company that creates healthy snacks and empowers start-up owners with healthy snack ideas the support needed to bring those ideas to life. As you’re out making things happen, our healthy snacks give you the energy to get you wherever you’re going.
Our mission
Our mission is to stretch what healthy snacking can be by staying true to long-held perspectives on health,
looking to time-tested traditional recipes that bypass the trends, and offering contemporary flavors made with pure ingredients.
We keep your taste buds in mind, with your health at heart.
We Offer a Different Way of Looking at Food.