About Virago Trades
How Can You Know How to Live Healthfully?

Staying healthy is a challenge. Our work lives bleed into the rest of our lives and it can be difficult to find time for self-care. The elusive work-life balance leaves us fatigued and unprepared for being at our best around the clock. And, depending who you ask, health takes on different definitions including whatever is currently culturally accepted until another ideology takes its place.
How can you know how to live healthfully?
We’ve been there too. At Virago Trades, our co-founders worked at the executive level of the corporate world and found something had to give. Our founder Lucy Sarkisian searched for healthy snacks to keep her energized throughout the work week, visiting natural food and specialty stores with wide selections but grew frustrated with the kind of foods being touted as healthy but loaded with long ingredient lists and sometimes as much sugar as candy bars. Many snack bars were high in carbohydrates but low in fiber. There had to be another way. She began making snacks at home that delighted her family and friends with the clean ingredients and good flavor. They became the catalyst for Treasure Trove sesame snack bars, our healthier take on sesame brittle. While other companies might focus on what is trending today, we travel the world and look back to timeless traditional foods—treasures from around the world that have something yet to offer healthy snacking in the U.S.

Inspired by the idea of unleashing your best self, Virago is a Latin word defined as “Female Warriors.” Our woman-owned company looks to the wisdom that cultures around the world have long known and creates healthy snacks for the U.S. Work with us to bring your healthy snack ideas to market.
Our mission
Our mission is to stretch what healthy snacking can be by staying true to long-held perspectives on health, looking to time-tested traditional recipes that bypass the trends, and offering contemporary flavors made with pure ingredients.
We keep your taste buds in mind, with your health at heart.
We offer a different way of looking at food.