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Treasure Trove Sesame Snack Bars

We travel the world to learn about healthy eating through the places and cultures we visit, letting what we discover inspire our healthy snack creations. We consider the old recipes our grandmothers and their mothers before them have made as treasures. They offer insight into foods that are timeless and a different way of thinking about healthy eating. Our passion for promoting healthy eating through products with traditional roots in cultures around the world points to a different path where healthy snacking offers vital fuel to fully realize your potential at work and in life. The snacks we create are part of our treasure trove we proudly offer you.
Sesame Snack Bar
A visit to a local Los Angeles market inspired our take on sesame brittle, making a healthier version in our sesame snack bar. We cleaned up the ingredients, focusing on pure ingredients for delicious flavor. By removing the payload of sugar, we added blueberries and cranberry for a bit of added natural sweetness in our healthy snacks with a commitment to keep the sugar content in the single digits. Each bar has no cholesterol, no sodium, and is also a good source of fiber. We believe in the goodness of whole ingredients, so you’ll find a decent amount of protein in our bars that come from the seeds, not some additive or protein powder.
Where We Create
Our sesame snack bars are reminiscent of chewy granola bars but ours are gluten-free. In fact, they’re safe for folks with food allergies, free of the top seven allergens, (except for tree nuts). Our bars are perfect to stash in your purse for sustained energy between meals that won’t mess with your metabolism.
But really, they’re the right snack for anyone who wants to take control of what they put in their mouths and not feel guilty at snack time.
Available in Six Flavors